Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Tips for your Multilingual Website

  • Social Media and its impact on your SEO
  • Backlinks and how to build more on multilingual markets
  • Content strategy, is it possible to share new content in a different country?
  • Keep your eyes on Google statistics, it does not only identify people checking your website but also where they come from
  • In case you run an online store, you might want to consider the currency if your product meets the expectations of the international market and local SEO strategies
  • Your domain name, this will be the “face” of your brand for the rest of the world, although you might consider its translation, depending on your name’s selection, it will be easier for some target language speakers to recognize it
  • Search engine result pages (SERPs), consider different versions of Google search to find your information and see how it looks for a different market




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Alex Buran

Alex Buran

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