How I grew my SaaS company from 0 to $2,000/Month?

Getting the Right Product to Right Users

  • Those you have websites (2%)
  • Those who don’t have websites (98%)

Why did that happen? Are users that stupid to use only machine translations?

Here are some of our fails during 2019. Hopefully, you won’t stuck on them during 2020!

Fail #1 — New UX release

Fail #2 — Going to WordCamp Events too early

Fail #3 — Launching a referral program

Fail #4 — Keeping a low churn

  1. Obstruct the process of downgrading/downsizing of accounts
  2. Hide the option to delete accounts
  3. Make it explicit that there are no refunds are given on monthly or yearly subscription plans
  4. Successfully fight chargebacks and negative reviews that will follow

Building a Growth Engine and Exploring New Marketing Channels

  • Organic Google Search
  • Paid Google Search
  • Organic Bing Search
  • Paid Bing Search
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Groups and Pages
  • Tweets
  • blog posting
  • blog posting
  • Youtube Reviews by influencers
  • Email marketing




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Alex Buran

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