0 to $120,000 ARR in 3 years, bootstrapped (5 secrets revealed)

1. Build a family, not a hospital

2. Build a great product.

  • The founding team did not plan to grow in the first place (poor documentation, technical debt, infrastructure not made to scale..).
  • The recruitment process doesn’t work, and the onboarding of junior developers only lead to more bugs and more issues.
  • The company has decided to go up-market and has started building more and more custom features making the product less and less user friendly.

3. Focus on adaptable long-term vision

4. Customer is everything

5. Pour money into marketing

Next steps?

  • reach $1,000,000 ARR by the end of the year
  • ship some major releases on the product side
  • launch 3 new SaaS startups (the list is currently being finalized)
  • get myself a new shiny car as a testament of my life’s success
  • build the best YouTube channel for ambitious entrepreneurs



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